Holistic Personal Growth through Choral Singing

The Hong Kong Inter-School Choral Festival (HKICF) is an engaging and interactive learning platform for choral groups in primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. It is organised by the Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus, a registered non-profit-making charity that aims to promote choral music to all. 

HKICF was born out of the belief that choral singing contributes to the holistic growth of young people. Not only does choral singing cultivate young people’s appreciation in the art of choral music, it also helps students build their confidence and develop teamwork skills.

We believe that choral singing should not be a privilege exclusive to a fortunate few. We are committed to bring the benefits and joy of choral singing to all by reforming the choral culture and creating a more inclusive environment in Hong Kong.

Choral singing in Hong Kong is often regarded as a competitive sport, driven by annual inter-school competitions that prioritise ranking and victories over growth. This culture is not conducive to the development of choral singing in schools that lack the resources and opportunities available to more established and well-funded choirs.

As long as this competitive culture dominates the music scene in Hong Kong, choral singing will remain exclusive to those who are more privileged. To make choral singing accessible for all, we challenge traditions and introduce a new choral culture in the city.

Pioneering a New Choral Culture

We envision a new choral culture that is based on mutual respect, encouragement and growth.

From our activities to our application fees, every aspect of HKICF is designed to be inclusive. We work to ensure that HKICF is accessible to as many schools as possible and that choirs of all levels can learn from each other and grow on the same platform.